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Reception Class Teachers                      Mrs Hall                                         Mrs Hull 
                                                                   Dawn Hall low res                              Carol Hull low res

Classroom Teaching Assistant              Mrs Stennulat 
                                                                   Ginny Stennulat low res

What are we doing in Reception? 

Term 5
During Term 5 our class topic is Why Do Ladybirds Have Spots? Please click on the document to see what we will be learning about this term.

pdfCurriculum overview Reception Term 5 2018

Class Name:   In reception we are known as The Penguins.  We have lots of resources and songs to make the children really feel a part of the class and to establish routines and rules.  We have a penguin called Roddy who gets to sit with a child who is showing good sitting and listening on the carpet.  There is another penguin named Fred who comes home each day with a child who has been seen demonstrating our Christian values.  We have Perry the Penguin who comes home (a little later in the year) to spend the weekend with a child and they record what Perry did in his journal and return it to school on the Monday.  We also have our own Penguin Class song that the children love to sing.  The children are all proud to be part of the Penguin Class.

Registration: In the mornings the children come into the classroom via our classroom door.  Parents leave their child at the door and either the teacher or the classroom teaching assistant is there to welcome the children and take messages or answer quick queries.  Children are very independent and unpack their bags and self register using the Smart Board.  They then find an activity they wish to do up until our class worship time.  In Reception we have our own short act of worship and morning gathering session, where we talk about the Christian values we are looking for that day and allocate roles, do the calendar etc.

Sound Books: Each child has their own sound book. As we learn new phonemes they are pasted into the books.  It is therefore important that the books are in the class each day.  The books go home every day so that the children can revise their sounds with parents at home.

Reading Books: From Term 2 each child will be provided with a reading bag.  Inside they will have a reading record book with a list of books in their book band.  They will have a reading book from this list as well as a ‘Read To Me’ book.  This is a book the child has chosen to enjoy with parents at home. It is important that children listen to stories and talk about books.  The children bring their book bags in on a Monday and Thursday.   Then they get changed and sent home on a Tuesday and Friday.  It is expected that parents help keep these books in good condition and ensure that reading takes place at least twice a week.  Reading little and often is the best possible way for children to make good progress.   Parents are asked to initial or write comments in the reading record book so that we know the child has read the book and that it needs to be changed.

Weekend Challenge:  The children have a weekend challenge book which goes home every Friday.  It has a simple activity for the children to do with parents over the weekend.  This could be a dot to dot picture, a handwriting activity or a colouring picture.  It is not compulsory but we find children enjoy doing their challenge, especially children with older siblings, as it is their idea of homework. The book comes back into school on a Monday.

Journals :  Every child has a journal.  This is used to record evidence of the child’s achievements whilst in the classroom.  Parents are also encouraged to record evidence of achievements made at home so that the school and parents can work in partnership.  Journals are kept in school and will come home periodically so that parents can include information.  This could include records of conversations with your child (“Look mummy there are 10 oranges in the bag”) or photographs showing your child riding their bike without stabilizers for the first time.

PE :  All children will require a PE Kit.  In case of accidents it would be very useful to provide a change of underwear and socks.  Children will need plimsolls the majority of the time. 

Swimming:  From Term 2 children in Reception class go swimming at Edenbridge Swimming Pool by coach.  They are allocated a junior swimming buddy to help them on the coach and in the changing rooms.  The coach leaves promptly at 8.55am and therefore children need to be in school promptly for 8.45am.  Children are required to wear their swimming costume underneath their school tracksuits and bring named underwear and a towel in a separate waterproof bag.
Communication: Communication is vital and we place great emphasis on this.  Therefore simple messages or information can be given to the teacher or teaching assistant in the morning at the classroom door.  If however you wish to talk to the teacher in private, or need to discuss something in more detail, please ask for an appointment to see the teacher.  We would be happy to meet with you at a more convenient time.   Each week parents receive a contact letter.  This gives a summary of the things covered in class and includes additional information such as class notices, school trips and examples on how to support your child further.

Weekly Routine Reminders for Parents






Sound books in school.

Weekend Challenge Books back to school .

Book Bags returned to school.

Sound books in school.

Books changed and book bags sent home.

Sound books in school.

Swimming kit required.

Sound books in school.

Book bags to be returned to school.

Sound books in school.

Weekend Challenge Books come home.

Book Bags sent home.